Here is a complete list of all of my posts thus far. I hope you enjoy!

January 2019
Learning to Communicate
The $280,000 Conversation
2019: The Year of the Side Hustle

December 2018
First 5 Months as Landlords
Holiday Mindfulness
We Bought Our First Rental Property!!

April 2018
Pursuing FI is a Privilege
We All Have Too Much Shit

March 2018
The Roadmap to FI Series: Part One
Frugal February Challenge: Takeaways

February 2018
Frugal February Challenge Check-in
Crappy Salad or Aston Martin?
How to talk about FI
What is FI Anyway?

January 2018
Frugal February Challenge!
Living a Life of Happine$$
A Little Bit of Eastern Wisdom
Honeymoon Savings and Credit Card Hackingg
Cheers to New Year’s Resolutions!

December 2017
Our Non-FI Wedding

November 2017
Savings Rate vs Investment Rate
The Value(s) of Money

October 2017
Let’s Talk About the F Word
Should I Focus on Spending Less or Earning More?
Whoops! There Goes My Money
My FI Story

September 2017
Welcome to Fierbird!